How to hunt correctly a Pokemon

In order to effectively expel a Pokemon, are using the interface of nearby Pokemon. Note that the list is ordered, which did in the example that the Pidgey is the closest to me, followed by Weedle, followed by Ratata. The Pokemon farthest from me is the last Rattata of the list. Similarly, if the order of the nearest Pokemon changes, then the bar will flash green to alert you. It’s time to see what is the loan, or change course if you are away.


Earn XP in Pokemon Go takes time, you must capture pokemon, explore pokestops and gain gyms. But know that you can fully optimize your gain levels by following a few basic rules. First, do not hesitate eo even evolve your simple creatures. If you are doomed to catch a Rattata, the have a beautiful engine experience as you gain a lot of Rattata candy. Evolve them.

The evolve cost only 25 candies for 500 XP. This rule is especially important on monsters as Pidgey and Caterpie 3 levels, since their evolution usually costs 12 to 500 candy XP. So be any change in loop.
If have to follow some techniques if you need some more experience. This technique is inspired by the previous rules. To implement this, you need pokemon go lure hack, eggs opportunity and incense. Keep your pokemon ready to be evolved for use in this context. Find in your city 2 pokestops close to one another. These are often findable in parks for example. Put a lure on each pokestop, use an Lucky Egg and an Incense. For half an hour, you will encounter a maximum experience, a pokestop can activate every 5 minutes and develop a huge number of pokemons. This can go very fast.

Lucky Egg giving youd ouble XP, your basic developments give you 1000 XP. For the next 30 minutes you will win many levels. As you know, having seen the beginning of this guide, some Pokemon Tauros or as Farfetch’d are exclusive to certain regions. How to catch Farfetch’d Tauros or without traveling so? The simplest solution is to ask a travel friend to do it for you by logging into your account remotely. A completely legitimate solution but has a big flaw: it is still necessary that a friend traveling in these remote regions.
However, it was found that eggs could contain these exclusive Pokemon, although the probability of encountering them in this way is very small. Do not lose hope so: as long as there are eggs, there is a possibility! It seems that the type of egg does not matter: only the chance will be your ally. Although it is tempting to see all aspects of the game right away, it does not serve much to evolve Pokemon captured before level 5 view 6. Indeed, the level of Pokemon you encounter evolves the level of your character.

In this slice level, the Pokemon will necessarily be very basic. evolve them now so would a candy mess, as you will see much more powerful CP happen very quickly for these basic monsters. Early in the game, it will necessarily trying to level up their Pokemon as soon as possible. But in truth, it is better to keep his stardust! Indeed, you soon will capture basic monsters much more advanced in your party.

Some informations about Pokemon Go
Fighting in Gyms will give you Pokecoins, which can be spend in the shop. Do not use for pokeballs, because you can earn pokeballs from PokeStops. Better to focus on incense to maximize your catch. Experience in the game is won by walking but also by capturing Pokemon. Know that if you start your Pokeball precisely on the monster, you will be awarded a bonus of 10 to 50 XP capture.

Note that if you tend to not run right, or if you want to capture with style, you can keep you press the Pokeball and whirl until sparks appear. Through this, you will give effect to your ball that gives you 10 XP catching on. Thus, even Pidgey in the example is a flight type, it could be equipped with the type of dragon Hurricane attack that does not have the same effect on the plant.

So be careful to keep what interests you most. Pokemon Go uses a lot of battery. Nintendo has planned the coup, as with Miitomo, incorporating a battery saver feature. To find it, click the Pokeball, “Options” at the top right and select “Battery Saver”. This feature will decrease the brightness of your phone automatically when the phone is dropped, without switching off the screen to continue to find Pokemon.
By the admission of the developer, this feature is however not very effective and will be improved in future updates. To not end up running out of battery, you can also restrict your smartphone by disabling its notifications and background processes. Lower the screen brightness can save you valuable percentages also. But to play intensely, better off investing in an external battery for not seeing you run out of juice! In the capture interface, a camera icon is visible on the right side, next to the Pokeball.


If you press it, the interface switch to photo mode. When you capture an image in this way, the Pokemon Go interface disappear leaving only you and the monster met! Warning: you will inevitably tempted to use an app to make finding yourself in places where you are not physically. However, the modality of contract Niantic services is very clear: these uses can be punished by banishment or deleting accounts. Do not risk it. Know that Pokemon Go incorporates a tool to detect car trips. Also, your mileage will not be counted in this way. At first glance, if you exceed the 15/30 km / h, the game can not count your steps. We’ll have to walk or get the bike!
When you go out to play Pokemon Go, it is not necessarily unusual to see people playing well. I must say that you all converge to the same points of interest in your city. So do not be shy, and try to address other nearby players! If indeed he seems open to this of course, will not disturb your neighbor with impunity. But Pokemon Go is a very good engine meets when used well, it would be a shame to miss.

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Electronics technology

Technology is a discipline that aims to study practical ways of obtaining material goods. The technologies are very different and varied, they are specific areas: mechanical, electrical, electronic, metallurgy, etc. Electronic technology is a relatively new discipline that deal with the processes of making components and circuits, as well as ways to achieve their assembly electronics.


Microelectronics technology addresses the modalities of discreet electronic devices and integrated circuits. Reduce the overall dimensions and cost price and increase the reliability of electronic equipment were otained with the development of technologies for integrated circuits and the modular assembly. Microelectronics technology is based on a number of basic process steps for manufacturing semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Integrated circuits are semiconductor structures formed inside or on the surface of a portion of monocrystalline semiconductor material.


Of these, the monolithic circuit elements are formed in a single semiconductor structure and the fragmentation is carried out in several monolithic structures interwined with each other. All these structures are based on junction properties or the influence of the electric field on the movement of charge carries. For the manufacture of microelectronic  integrated circuit technology appeals to a large number of elementary technological steps.
In recent technologies can intervene to 15 during manufacture photolithography a circuit. After completing the manufacturing cycle wafers are tested and then cut. Cutting out following crystallographic axes direction affords chips. The chips are then encapsulated, marked and tested. In some cases, multiple chips are mounted in the same capsule and interconnected through internal routes. This will limit the number of external interconnections. These are called hybrid circuits and can have several hundred pins for connection to the outside. Recent technological processes easy reach between 400 and 500 elementary stages. This explains why during the manufacturing of an integrated circuit current is 2 – 3 months depending on the complexity. The purpose of technology is to produce integrated circuits with desired performance wih maximum  reliability and minimum costs. For this integration density and yield of manufacturing should be the maximum.

Achievement through technology means the making of printed circuit boards with industrial or artisanal means. PCB is a printed conductive system that provides all electrical connection between components, shielding and grounding. Printed conductors represent a portion of the metallic layer on an isolated equivalent of an ordinary electrical connections assembly.


The design process consists of placing the printed wiring diagram and design principles. The geometric dimensions and weight of electronic components, electrical and other hazard located on printed wiring board, and determine guage constructive structure assembly of subassemblies. How in system interconnect subassembly. How in system interconnect subassembly design influence printed wiring boards.


There are several possibilities of interconnection namely, by fixing the connection, plates, connecting directly and indirect connection. If the board is assembled vertically dissipative elements are placed at the top with higher symmetry axex arranged vertically to optimize the thermal convection. If the board is assembled horizontally dissipative elements are placed on insulating spacers and thermosetting matterials, having the opposite possition on the dissipation of heat.

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Celebrities and their Smartphones

After several years in which it has figured out how to enter the mobile phone business, Facebook has an arrangement with smart phone manufacturer HTC to produce a smartphone-based social site.

Phone code-named “Buffy” after the famous television series with vampires, and will run on a platform modified Android system, that Facebook wants to integrate deeply its services to support HTML5 as an application platform, sources close project quoted by Fox News.

Facebook recently chose HTC, after taking into account at least another partnership with Koreans from Samsung. Therefore, future phone will be ready only after 12-18 months.


The project is led by technology officer Bret Taylor, according to several sources. However, a Facebook spokesman declined to comment directly on the subject of “Buffy”.


Our strategy is simple on mobiles. We think every mobile phone is best if it’s social. We work with the entire mobile industry – with operators, component manufacturers and operating systems, and application developers – to bring social experiences strong more people around the world, “said spokesman website socializing. HTC also declined to comment on the event of such a phone.

The phones are near future.

Next we will talk about the celebrities who use smartphones and communicating with fans. Justin Bieber uses iPhone plus because it’s all the time online on social networks. It has created an application that is called Justin Bieber Phone Number to enable private communication without going on TV.



Johnny Orlando has created this program which aims to private communication with fans. Johnny Orlando Phone Number is subject to fans through this system that has failed. Each celebrity has to have a private life.

Former student, Milyn Jensen, aged 22, was coupled with Bieber after he was presented by her best friend, rapper Lil Twist.


“I was absolutely shocked when I heard they broke up with Selena it was because of what we did. I hate to be the girl who has split, “said Milyn, which is known in her circle of preieteni as Mimi.

Mimi told that she and Justin went out to a club on December 21 and then went to a fast food and before going to his house and bought marijuana.

After he gave a brief tour house, Bieber took Mimi to a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, where he asked luxurious penthouse will be decorated with white roses.

“He offered me a drink. I have taken only two mouths before we begin to make out. Suddenly we started to kiss me and I started to take off my clothes, was natural. Justin knew what makes a man much older. I felt I had part of a lesson or two before, “said Mimi.

Since then, Mimi was the target of hatred and insults many of his fans Gomez and Bieber. Even 14 year old niece stopped him stop talking.

However, this scandal, Mimi had won. She quit studies and started a career in television with a reality show.

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Use WhatsApp on Two Mobile Phones with Same Number

Hello friends. Today I chose a very interesting topic and I want to tell about Whatsapp. Whatsapp is an application used by many people, about 1 billion, which has a lot of benefits. We can talk with Whatsapp messages, to send audio messages to send pictures or to see a location. Whatsapp has become very popular at the moment when it allowed users to distribute or to find another location.

Whatsapp is available on Android, iOS or Windows. With this application you can easily chat with friends in other regions, you can send photos or record voice messages. In addition you can add your condition, you can change your profile picture, you can archive conversations or you can see the last act of a person, that was the last time online.
How Whatsapp lets you share location, me and my team we decided to come to the help of many people who want to and follow someone.

So we created a special application made in this regard and make public the opportunity to track someone without the user realizing. Phone Locator Our application is completely free and allows you to find someone or location to find out where and if it is safe. With the application we have created a new all users who want to know where it is a close person, child or friend, you.

You can find out exactly where they are without any hassle.

The application comes with your agreement to give the location where you are so we can provide you the required information and needs to be satisfied. Unless you are communicating on Whatsapp location only if you enable GPS and the application starts to run to provide the desired information and accurate. The application is in proper functioning of all the devices that have Android, iOS or Windows. While communicating with the person you can enable GPS and you can start tracking or location where you can learn send messages without this know or suspect something.
Our new app is completely free and does not contain any virus or something that will affect your phone or device you purchase. In addition we add daily updates that help you to make tracking easier and to give you accurate data about what you want to know.
If you want to know where are your children, spouse, a friend or want to watch it to get rid of some doubts, we will put at your disposal one of the most popular applications that have many downloads, a fact that is much used and appreciated. I have received many messages from users nostril, where we said they were very pleased with the results and have great confidence in us because we offer tracking innovations, all of which are free.

If you download our app you can find on the site, you will be very pleased with the results and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will provide the information you want to know about a particular person.
In conclusion if a download our app is compatible with any smartphone that has GPS will not be your disappointed, but very happy and to do more things at once, or you can challenge your friends or lover, everything is free.

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