Use WhatsApp on Two Mobile Phones with Same Number

Hello friends. Today I chose a very interesting topic and I want to tell about Whatsapp. Whatsapp is an application used by many people, about 1 billion, which has a lot of benefits. We can talk with Whatsapp messages, to send audio messages to send pictures or to see a location. Whatsapp has become very popular at the moment when it allowed users to distribute or to find another location.

Whatsapp is available on Android, iOS or Windows. With this application you can easily chat with friends in other regions, you can send photos or record voice messages. In addition you can add your condition, you can change your profile picture, you can archive conversations or you can see the last act of a person, that was the last time online.
How Whatsapp lets you share location, me and my team we decided to come to the help of many people who want to and follow someone.

So we created a special application made in this regard and make public the opportunity to track someone without the user realizing. Phone Locator Our application is completely free and allows you to find someone or location to find out where and if it is safe. With the application we have created a new all users who want to know where it is a close person, child or friend, you.

You can find out exactly where they are without any hassle.

The application comes with your agreement to give the location where you are so we can provide you the required information and needs to be satisfied. Unless you are communicating on Whatsapp location only if you enable GPS and the application starts to run to provide the desired information and accurate. The application is in proper functioning of all the devices that have Android, iOS or Windows. While communicating with the person you can enable GPS and you can start tracking or location where you can learn send messages without this know or suspect something.
Our new app is completely free and does not contain any virus or something that will affect your phone or device you purchase. In addition we add daily updates that help you to make tracking easier and to give you accurate data about what you want to know.
If you want to know where are your children, spouse, a friend or want to watch it to get rid of some doubts, we will put at your disposal one of the most popular applications that have many downloads, a fact that is much used and appreciated. I have received many messages from users nostril, where we said they were very pleased with the results and have great confidence in us because we offer tracking innovations, all of which are free.

If you download our app you can find on the site, you will be very pleased with the results and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will provide the information you want to know about a particular person.
In conclusion if a download our app is compatible with any smartphone that has GPS will not be your disappointed, but very happy and to do more things at once, or you can challenge your friends or lover, everything is free.

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