How to hunt correctly a Pokemon

In order to effectively expel a Pokemon, are using the interface of nearby Pokemon. Note that the list is ordered, which did in the example that the Pidgey is the closest to me, followed by Weedle, followed by Ratata. The Pokemon farthest from me is the last Rattata of the list. Similarly, if the order of the nearest Pokemon changes, then the bar will flash green to alert you. It’s time to see what is the loan, or change course if you are away.


Earn XP in Pokemon Go takes time, you must capture pokemon, explore pokestops and gain gyms. But know that you can fully optimize your gain levels by following a few basic rules. First, do not hesitate eo even evolve your simple creatures. If you are doomed to catch a Rattata, the have a beautiful engine experience as you gain a lot of Rattata candy. Evolve them.

The evolve cost only 25 candies for 500 XP. This rule is especially important on monsters as Pidgey and Caterpie 3 levels, since their evolution usually costs 12 to 500 candy XP. So be any change in loop.
If have to follow some techniques if you need some more experience. This technique is inspired by the previous rules. To implement this, you need pokemon go lure hack, eggs opportunity and incense. Keep your pokemon ready to be evolved for use in this context. Find in your city 2 pokestops close to one another. These are often findable in parks for example. Put a lure on each pokestop, use an Lucky Egg and an Incense. For half an hour, you will encounter a maximum experience, a pokestop can activate every 5 minutes and develop a huge number of pokemons. This can go very fast.

Lucky Egg giving youd ouble XP, your basic developments give you 1000 XP. For the next 30 minutes you will win many levels. As you know, having seen the beginning of this guide, some Pokemon Tauros or as Farfetch’d are exclusive to certain regions. How to catch Farfetch’d Tauros or without traveling so? The simplest solution is to ask a travel friend to do it for you by logging into your account remotely. A completely legitimate solution but has a big flaw: it is still necessary that a friend traveling in these remote regions.
However, it was found that eggs could contain these exclusive Pokemon, although the probability of encountering them in this way is very small. Do not lose hope so: as long as there are eggs, there is a possibility! It seems that the type of egg does not matter: only the chance will be your ally. Although it is tempting to see all aspects of the game right away, it does not serve much to evolve Pokemon captured before level 5 view 6. Indeed, the level of Pokemon you encounter evolves the level of your character.

In this slice level, the Pokemon will necessarily be very basic. evolve them now so would a candy mess, as you will see much more powerful CP happen very quickly for these basic monsters. Early in the game, it will necessarily trying to level up their Pokemon as soon as possible. But in truth, it is better to keep his stardust! Indeed, you soon will capture basic monsters much more advanced in your party.

Some informations about Pokemon Go
Fighting in Gyms will give you Pokecoins, which can be spend in the shop. Do not use for pokeballs, because you can earn pokeballs from PokeStops. Better to focus on incense to maximize your catch. Experience in the game is won by walking but also by capturing Pokemon. Know that if you start your Pokeball precisely on the monster, you will be awarded a bonus of 10 to 50 XP capture.

Note that if you tend to not run right, or if you want to capture with style, you can keep you press the Pokeball and whirl until sparks appear. Through this, you will give effect to your ball that gives you 10 XP catching on. Thus, even Pidgey in the example is a flight type, it could be equipped with the type of dragon Hurricane attack that does not have the same effect on the plant.

So be careful to keep what interests you most. Pokemon Go uses a lot of battery. Nintendo has planned the coup, as with Miitomo, incorporating a battery saver feature. To find it, click the Pokeball, “Options” at the top right and select “Battery Saver”. This feature will decrease the brightness of your phone automatically when the phone is dropped, without switching off the screen to continue to find Pokemon.
By the admission of the developer, this feature is however not very effective and will be improved in future updates. To not end up running out of battery, you can also restrict your smartphone by disabling its notifications and background processes. Lower the screen brightness can save you valuable percentages also. But to play intensely, better off investing in an external battery for not seeing you run out of juice! In the capture interface, a camera icon is visible on the right side, next to the Pokeball.


If you press it, the interface switch to photo mode. When you capture an image in this way, the Pokemon Go interface disappear leaving only you and the monster met! Warning: you will inevitably tempted to use an app to make finding yourself in places where you are not physically. However, the modality of contract Niantic services is very clear: these uses can be punished by banishment or deleting accounts. Do not risk it. Know that Pokemon Go incorporates a tool to detect car trips. Also, your mileage will not be counted in this way. At first glance, if you exceed the 15/30 km / h, the game can not count your steps. We’ll have to walk or get the bike!
When you go out to play Pokemon Go, it is not necessarily unusual to see people playing well. I must say that you all converge to the same points of interest in your city. So do not be shy, and try to address other nearby players! If indeed he seems open to this of course, will not disturb your neighbor with impunity. But Pokemon Go is a very good engine meets when used well, it would be a shame to miss.

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